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Introducing the Cutlass Wordpress Starter Theme

October 22, 2014

I’ve finally finished basic work on a new WordPress starter theme which integrates Laravel’s Blade Templating Engine. I’ve been using WordPress for quite some time now and it’s still my number one resource for building a website. Recently I’ve branched off into learning Laravel due to it’s increasing popularity. One thing I loved about Laravel was it’s simple templating engine that made creating views a breeze. I looked into it further and discovered the Blade WordPress Plugin¬†which hooks into the WordPress template loader and runs templates through the Blade engine. I immediately fell in love with it and I started hacking. My old starter theme was a heavily modified version of the Roots Starter Theme¬†using SASS and Gulp and it wasn’t a difficult thing to integrate the Blade Plugin’s code into the theme. The rest of my time was spent turning the directory structure into something a little more understandable.

I hope to continue working on it as I don’t think it’s reached it’s full potential, so keep coming back for more updates!

Cutlass WordPress Starter Theme