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WordPress Website Development

I help my clients find and choose the best path for them to take when it comes to their project. For most web clients I use the free open-source software WordPress to build and manage their projects due to it’s customizability ease of use for clients.

Why Use WordPress For Your Website?

There are many reasons to love WordPress some of which include the ability to add plugins for specific actions, wonderful themes, a great community and the ability to update your website yourself. I work with all clients personally and will be with you from the start of your project until it’s finished.

WordPress is more than just a blog, it’s a fully customizable content management system. WordPress provides you with a platform that can be altered for any need big or small and with the huge number of developers working on the platform, you are sure to find just what you need. Most importantly, WordPress has been designed to be extremely user- friendly. Whether you are a novice or a skilled user, WordPress’ administrator panel makes it easy to maneuver your website.

If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level with a WordPress website there are really two paths to take.

The first option is to use a Premium WordPress theme (a highly-customized WordPress template) and change the theme to match your needs and brand. The second option is to work with me to build a completely custom WordPress Theme.

Premium WordPress Themes vs. Custom WordPress Theme

The main difference between a Premium WordPress theme and a custom WordPress theme is that a Premium WordPress theme provides you with a great website out right out of the box, but won’t be changed outside what the theme allows. For instance, you will be able to change colors, text sizes, images, add your logo, Facebook links, picture slider, etc.

A custom WordPress theme allows me to create a brand new website completely from scratch. The sky is the limit!

Positives of using a Premium WordPress Theme

The Design of the site moves much quicker. Your site can be installed and configured within a very short time frame because much of the heavy lifting regarding coding and design has been done.

  • Code – Most templates have clean code, meaning the HTML and CSS are compliant and up-to-date. It depends on the theme you choose though. Stay away from free themes.
  • Budget friendly – Oftentimes, you can have a theme installed for free if you know what you are doing and are confident enough to understand some of the basic requirements. Or, you can hire a professional to install and configure the website (add your logo, change out colors, setup the widgets, etc.).
  • Great Looking Designs – There are some really nice themes out there now that offer a variety of customization options.

Positives of using a Custom WordPress Theme

If your company has specific requirements for features/branding that cannot be found without doing some custom work you may want a custom WordPress theme. Don’t be confused by a design that is simply a modification of an existing premium WordPress theme. Truly custom WordPress themes are coded specifically for the company and its technical needs.

  • Versatility – Starting from scratch and getting all the features you need and desire allows for greater flexibility.
  • Branding – A custom design is specifically branded to your company with your colors, target market, and goals.
  • Specific Needs – Arrange widgets and functionality within the theme while still using a unique layout and format.
  • Uniqueness – As with any company, a custom design will set you apart from the rest and stand out from the competitors. With a predesigned theme, you run the risk of looking like the rest.

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