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Adding Theme Options to a Thematic Child Theme

June 4, 2014

Thematic is a pretty awesome theme framework for Wordpress, but there are some annoying things about it. One annoying thing I ran into was not being able to easily create a nifty looking Theme Options page. Themes like Avada gave me the impression that they were not all that difficult, but I was wrong, I was horribly wrong. After tutorial searching for a day I've put together a template that might help you out in the future if you ever need something like this. Read More

Ultimate Guide to Setup a WordPress Server

May 25, 2014

If you're anything like me server's piss you off. Not because they aren't cool, but because you'll get to a point where you have everything setup the way you want then you run into an issue that nobody on the internet has experienced. Worse still I'll have to start over completely with a new distro because the one you want to use isn't supported by someone or whoever. So this is the Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Wordpress Server for complete noobs who know almost nothing about linux or servers. This setup is a simple LEMP stack designed not to be too complicated for beginners. For more High Performance servers see my other post here. Read More