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Wifi dropping with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 with RTL8723be fix

October 7, 2014

Recently we got a new Lenovo Z40 with XUbuntu which so far has been working awesome except for the wifi running the driver RTL8723be which keeps dropping out periodically and won't turn back on until the computer reboots. Obviously this has been a major disruption, so if you're experiencing the same difficulties here's how to fix it: Read More

Bluetooth Audio Sink: Stream Setup Failed

July 2, 2014

I ran into this problem today after installing Linux Mint only to find out that I had to setup some stuff to get bluetooth working correctly. You can find the package┬áthat will allow you to connect to bluetooth devices here. After installing it and connecting successfully to… Read More

Fixing RTL8723ae Driver for Ubuntu Linux

June 24, 2014

Update: If you have RTL8723be and are experiencing difficulties try this I love Ubuntu. XUbuntu to be more specific but it's still Ubuntu. I love it so much I made it my main OS and haven't looked back since. There are a few issues with this driver (RTL8723AE) that I've had to deal with though, and here's one of them. Read More

Making a custom bash prompt

June 12, 2014

After using XUbuntu as my main OS I loved it, but there was one problem. I got really tired of seeing the ENTIRE directory in the bash prompt, especially when working with Wordpress. For those of you with the same problem here's how I got mine looking nice again: Read More