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How to disable the new Chrome Side Search Panel feature

A very annoying new "feature" added by Chrome in recent versions is adding search results to their new side-panel companion, including overriding the default behavior of the right-click contextual "Search Google for" on text selection. As far as I'm aware you're currently only able to disable it using flags, here's how to do it Read More

Keep Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) in Sync across multiple computers

Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) is a vagrant box designed for WordPress developers to setup a fully-functioning and fully-equipped local development server that can easily manage multiple WordPress sites. VVV is an awesome addition to any WP developers workflow, however one of the problems I had with it was its inability to sync files and databases across multiple computers. This meant that VVV was stuck on the computer it was installed on, and I needed to be able to work with VVV on my work computer and my laptop. Read More

Best Atom Packages for WordPress/PHP Development

Atom is a new IDE from Github has gained popularity among many different developers, replacing IDE's like PHPStorm and Sublime Text. What makes Atom different from other IDE's is it is built to be entirely hackable from the ground up, making it extremely customizable. Atom is designed around packages and themes, it even comes with it's own package manager "apm" which makes managing these packages a breeze. In this article I want to look at some of the best packages available for WordPress/PHP development. Read More

Python Scraping for WordPress

Ofttimes when building for WordPress I find myself in a situation which requires me to move a ton of content from a clients old site to a new one. If I'm lucky (relatively speaking) it's built on another CMS such as Drupal or Joomla which I can export content from pretty easily, but most times it's a crappy site built using plain HTML and Microsoft Frontpage *shudder*, and it only has 4-5 pages of simple content. If I'm super lucky it has hundreds of pages rather than a few, that's when things get fun. If you've ever been the victim of the busy work known as "content-moving" fear no more, Python is here to save the day! Read More

PHPStorm Allow Network Connections on Startup Fix

PHPStorm has an annoying bug in OS X where it always asks for permission to connect to the network on every… Read More

Supercharge Your Browser for Web Development

Think about common tasks you do in your browser everyday. Open a tab, close a tab, right click on a link to open it in… Read More

Remove “Last Login at” from your Terminal on Startup

This post is gonna be super short and I don’t know why I didn’t add more but whatever. So on my terminal startup it always… Read More

How to Prevent Burnout in IT

Burnout is one of the greatest threats to people working in a technical field. Many of us enjoy our work, or at least parts of… Read More

Hex Selector in the Mac Color Picker

I spent too much time then I'm willing to admit trying to find the stupid hex selector in the Mac Color Picker so if any of you are Googling out of frustration here's how you find it. Read More

Music to Listen to while Coding Part 2

Click here for Part 1! Link to my Spotify Playlist! Listening to music can provide focus and block out distractions for many coders. Many people have widely varied opinions when it comes to what's best, so I decided to toss my opinion into the mix. I don't tend to listen to all the music of every artist, usually only a few tracks from each, so I will list out each artist I recommend and the top songs I listen to from them. Read More