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Adding a Better Price Range Search using WP-Property

October 15, 2014

We have a client who uses the WP-Property plugin. BTW it’s super awesome and I would highly suggest it to anybody who has a client in need of a property management plugin. It’s also free, not the bull crap freemium, but free free.

Anyways recently we ran into a problem where, on the search properties page, the prices on the dropdown looked like:

  • $895+
  • $995+
  • $1190+
  • $1110+

Obviously this doesn’t look good (even thought it functions alright). We were going for something more like:

  • $0-$800
  • $800-$900
  • $900-$1100
  • $1100-$1500
  • Etc.

Luckily the plugin makes this very easy to do. Here’s how:

Under the Developer tab find the option for Price. Click Toggle Advanced Options, make sure your settings look like this:

Settings - WP-Property







Under Search Input make sure Dropdown Selection is selected. Now you can input the ranges you want in the dropdown like so:

Dropdown Selection - WP-Property






Don’t worry about the $ signs they’ll be put in automatically, we’re only dealing with numeric formats here. After you’ve set that you should be good to go!